This post was at first distributed in October 2015 and from that point forward lacrosse organizations have delivered a ton of new bits of stuff that I’ve had the option to play with. I refreshed this post in May 2019 with the best in class things that I prescribe to amateur goalies.

Need to take this goalie gear manual for go? Click here to download my whole lacrosse goalie tool stash including this aide!
This post is an aide which will clarify all the lacrosse film reviews goalie gear, both compulsory and discretionary, that is expected to play this astonishing position.

I’ll likewise give my suggestion to explicit bits of stuff that I like.

As goalies we need to be pretty much as ensured as conceivable without restricting our development. So the stuff that I incline toward ordinarily offers an undeniable degree of assurance and usefulness while as yet allowing opportunity of development.

Fortunately for us, lacrosse goalie gear (and careless stuff overall) has taken enormous steps over the most recent 10 years. I mean consider this is what lacrosse protective caps resembled quite recently –

Lacrosse Goalie Gear

With the blast in fame of the game, numerous lacrosse organizations have put vigorously in innovative work to make new lacrosse gear that is lighter while likewise more secure than its archetypes.

There are bunches of incredible choices for each and every piece of gear. Since I suggest and like a particular cap, doesn’t imply that there are not others that work incredible. Same with chest defenders, sticks, gloves, and so on

Assuming you’re a fresh out of the plastic new lacrosse goalie or a parent considering what gear your kid should play goalie, this post will assist you with seeing all of the lacrosse goalie hardware that is expected to play in the enclosure.

Here is a chapter by chapter guide of the lacrosse goalie gear on the off chance that you need to jump straightforwardly to that piece of the page:

Required Equipment
Throat Guard
Chest Protector
Goalie Gloves
Athletic Cup
Spikes or Turf Shoes
Mouth Piece
Discretionary Equipment
Arm Pads (obligatory at the young level, U15)
Shin protectors (obligatory for ladies, secondary school and beneath)
Lacrosse Goalie Pants (obligatory for ladies, secondary school and beneath)
Knee Pads
Defensive Shirts and Sleeves
Extra Equipment
Lacrosse Bags
Measuring Notes
Moving right along, here’s my suggested lacrosse goalie gear:

Lacrosse Goalie Gear

Cap – Cascade R
Lacrosse Goalie Helmet Cascade R Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

The present caps are very light but offer more security and style then head protectors of the past. Goalies will get hit in the head with the ball so utilize a fresher style protective cap to stay away from blackouts.

There is no contrast between a goalie protective cap and the caps utilized by attackman, defenseman, and middies. The main slight contrast is we add a throat watchman to the goalie head protector.

There is likewise no distinction between the caps utilized by male and female goalies. Simply guarantee you generally get the right size.

In the event that you play for a school group, they might give the cap. Anyway assuming you’re playing for a club or voyaging group you’re regularly all alone.

The head protector I suggest: Cascade R. It’s a sweet looking head protector for sure. I love the matte adaptation.

For more data on this protective cap, checkout the full Cascade R cap survey that I composed.

Course offers a more up to date form called the Cascade S and an even more up to date form called the Cascade XRS. Those are additionally an incredible choices however will cost you about a $100 all the more new. In any case, assuming you need the best in style and execution, here it is:

Throat Guard – Cascade Goalie Throat Guard
Course Throat Gaurd Goalie GearLacrosse Goalie Gear – Throat Guard

The throat monitor joins to your head protector by means of screws and shields your throat from shots.

At the point when you have this gadget on consistently make certain to make sure that it completely covers your throat region as getting it in this area could cause genuine injury.

I think the unmistakable form looks the coolest however Cascade additionally makes it in dark and silver.

Indeed with specific cap tones, the dark Cascade throat defender can look pretty sassy as well.

The throat monitor I suggest: Cascade Goalie Throat Guard.

There 2 methods for joining the throat watchman to the protective cap. By penetrating an openings on one or the other side of the protective cap and utilizing the screws:

Or then again join with string or zip ties:

For more information look at the post on all the lacrosse goalie throat monitor choices.

Lacrosse Goalie Stick
Your lacrosse goalie stick, otherwise known as your wand, otherwise known as your save creator, otherwise known as the main piece of gear with regards to you capacity to make saves.

I’ll separate the stick into 3 unique regions – the head, the cross section, and the shaft. Complete goalie sticks will come every one of the 3 all together or you can single out various ones to make an ideal goalie stick.

There are in a real sense large number of various head, lattice, and shaft blends that you can use to make your goalie stick. Simply check out the all varieties utilized by the present MLL goalies, NCAA Men’s Goalies, and NCAA Women’s Goalies.

What I’ve recorded beneath turns out to be my top choice.

Goalie Head – STX Eclipse II

It took STX 18 years to deliver a second form of the STX Eclipse however it merited the pause.

The continuation gives every one of the things you adored with regards to the first – lightweight, incredible face shape, amazing ball scooping capacity – and joined it with extraordinary new highlights.

The STX Eclipse II is stiffer than the first while keeping up with fundamentally a similar weight. They added huge loads of sidehole hanging choices so the stick ninjas can place in stunning pockets.

Also they at long last improved the plastic grasp on the base for those goalie who like to arrangement with their lead hand holding the plastic.

Checkout my full audit of the STX Eclipse II head.

Goalie Mesh – 12 Diamond
Of all the cross section sizes I suggest 12 jewel. The bigger precious stones ‘hold’ the ball better and give less bounce back while making outlets more straightforward.

At the point when you check NCAA and MLL stick arrangements the larger part utilize 12 jewel and I think this arrangement functions admirably for amateurs as well.

There are a couple of organizations creating astonishing lattice nowadays so you can’t turn out badly. The following are two incredible choices from East Coast Dyes.

HeroMesh 12 Diamond Semi Hard or HeroMesh 12 Diamond Semi Soft

The Semi Soft is harder to string yet will break in quicker and at last give you less bounce back.

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